Our mission is to provide superior personalized customer service to Shiawassee County, one order at a time.

Jenks Store2Door is a Grocery and Food Delivery Service serving Shiawassee County. We are a husband and wife team looking to help others, make their lives easier!

We provide service from all local retailers and also include restaurant food delivery. Need help with delivery from an Auto parts store? Pet store? We can do that too! Just reach out with your needs, and we can see what we can do.

Live out of state and have a family member with a birthday or special occasion? We can help be an extension of you from afar. We aim to please and provide stellar customer service.

Jenks Store2Door is locally owned and operated and uses an app called Dumpling to fulfill orders.

What our customers think

"Excellent service and great at texting when things were out."
Emily M.
"I absolutely love you guys doing this. I have had the worse luck with other companies and refuse to use them. Ty for letting me know that Store2Door really does it perfectly. I definitely will continue to not only use but recommend you."
Heidi B.
"Very friendly and got what I wanted. If they were out she was very precise on what they had available."
Jennett S.
"I can recommend Vicky as a shopper because she is so good at it! She pays attention to detail, is an excellent communicator, makes great substitutions, and is an exceptional shopper. She is also prompt, thoughtful and I can trust her. Having Vicky shop for me is a great experience."
Frank/Jane Z.

Vicky was born and raised in Owosso, graduating from Corunna High School and went on to attain her B.S. from Central Michigan University. She moved to California and started working as a District Manager for an internet grocer called “Whyrunout.” When she moved back to Michigan in the early 2000s, she wanted to provide this type of service for the people of Shiawassee County, but it wasn’t yet in the cards.

The Jenks has been involved in customer service long before this year, but earlier in the year, when Covid started and people were in isolation, Vicky felt the need to get out there and help. She started working with a grocery delivery service and loved helping people out in that way.

She started to hear from customers, “How can I request you as my shopper?”, “We want consistency.”, “We are so happy we got you as our shopper!” There was no way a person on another platform can request a shopper, so it is a roll of the dice if you will get good service or not.

Vicky’s husband, James, started working with restaurant delivery services and grocery services this year. Customers would tell him how happy they were to have him as a delivery driver because he always made sure their orders were correct.

Vicky and James started Jenks Store2Door because they wanted to provide stellar customer service and comfort in knowing your order would be completed correctly and on time. Also, putting you at ease, knowing the same shoppers are completing your order each time.

Jenks Store2Door provides grocery delivery and restaurant delivery to Shiawassee County. We can provide lunches to offices and groceries to your home, and everything in between. We can shop two stores in one shopping trip and discount your second store by half the shop fee!

Need us to complete a different errand? Shoot us a message, and we will work it out.

Our goal is to make your life easier.

Vicky and James will:

  1. Always be the ones shopping for your order.
  2. Make sure that your order is correct.
  3. Pick the freshest and best-looking produce available.
  4. Check expiration dates.
  5. Look for in-store sales.
  6. Always reach out if substitutions are needed, or we have questions.
  7. Make it right if you are unsatisfied in any way.

By Shopping with Jenks Store2Door you will:

  1. Have friendly communication from beginning to end.
  2. Always pay store prices
  3. Be able to use your store loyalty card (just send us the number you use before checkout, any digital coupons on those will apply to order, no paper coupons at this time)
  4. Not have to search for items. Just type in what you’d like for each item line. Be as specific as possible. (i.e., Coffeemate creamer Italian cream 32oz, Kraft Shells and cheese with the liquid cheese, Frozen microwavable corn any brand, Bananas on the green side, Birthday wrapping paper for a boy(send choices) )
  5. Get no hidden fees!
  6. Receive the store receipt when your order is dropped off.