Download. List. Pay. Delivered

Placing an order with us is different, because we use a platform ap called “dumpling”. Dumpling is just the way we can securely process credit card payments. We never see your payment card information. We just process it after we are done shopping your order.

What is Dumpling?

Dumpling is essentially a tool we use to securely process credit card payments, which also houses your electronic shopping list.

Is dumpling hard to use?

No. Many people feel it is easier than using shipt or Instacart. It is like making your regular grocery list. You can be specific and tell us what you’d like to buy. If the item isn’t listed, you would just click “write-in custom item.” The more specific, the better!

We will do our best to fill your order and make sure to reach out if we have questions. My husband and I are seasoned shoppers, who make great substitutions, but we would never make substitutions that you didn’t want.

We know that communication is critical and provide that from the moment you place your order.

How is the Dumpling platform different than other shopping platforms?

Other platforms have partnerships with the places they shop and therefore have access to their catalogs and inventory. Dumpling is an independent platform and doesn’t have specific ties to any company.

How does dumpling work?

  1. Click the link to download dumpling.
  2. Once you are all signed up, search 48867, You will see our picture and connect with us.
  3. Once we are connected, we get your information sent to us, so we know you downloaded dumpling.
  4. When you want to place an order, go to the main page and click on whichever store or the restaurant pick up option you would like.
  5. You can search for items, but you can also write in custom items.
  6. We do not have access to store catalogs that other shopping services do. They have partnerships with these stores, have hidden fees and markups; we do not.
  7. It is simple to use the dumpling app; just try it and see.

Why is this important?

  1. By shopping with us, there are NO hidden fees!
  2. You get the store receipt when we deliver your order.
  3. All charges (besides your complete order are shown upfront; Our shopping fee (percentage-based), platform fee (%5). Your card on file is authorized for $20 when you place your order.
  4. NO markups on your order on special requests. Did you know the “other guys” have a markup of 20-30%?

How do I place an order?

  1. Go to and scroll to the bottom, where it says “download the app,” which is available on the Apple app store or google play store.
  2. Create an account
  3. Search our zip code “48867”. Connect with Jenks Store2Door.
  4. Choose what store you’d like us to shop at for you.
  5. Add to your list and be specific; sizes, descriptions, and your backup are always helpful to us if something is out. Also, choose the quantity.
  6. The app asks for an estimated price..this is so that you have an idea about how much your order will be. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged anything but store prices, shopping fees, platform fees, and if you choose to tip.
  7. After you have everything on your order, choose a time and day you want us to deliver.
  8. If we don’t have the time available you would like, reach out to us; we more than likely have time to adjust our schedules unless a day is marked closed.
  9. Once you place your order, we will reach out to verify the time and let you know when approximately when we will start shopping for your order.
  10. It’s essential to be available the hour before your shopping time to reach out on text if items are out of stock. If you’re ok with us making substitutions, you can notate that on your messages to us.
  11. If you want us to use a savings card such as Mperks or Kroger card, you will have to provide that via text before the end of your order, and we will input it at checkout. At this time, all coupons used must be digital to be applied to your order via your savings card.
  12. We will shop, checkout, and then process your order (charging your card on file) and let you know when we are en route.
  13. When we arrive, we will be wearing masks and will deliver with a porch drop off. If you require items to be put in a garage/ covered porch or need assistance bringing items inside, let us know.
  14. We will leave your receipt with you or inside a designated bag with groceries (if a porch drop off).
  15. We are frequently washing and sanitizing our hands. We always wear masks while shopping and delivering.
  16. If there are any questions regarding your delivery, you can reach us at any time before/during, and after your delivery.

How does Grocery delivery work?

  1. Choose the store place an order (we ask for 48hours notice on Sam’s club orders, since it is out of town).
  2. Choose your day and time frame.
  3. Place your order. Your CC on file is charged with a $20 hold.
  4. We will reach out when the order is received to verify we received the order and pin point the time frame you want. (If the time frame you need is unavailable, you can always ask us if we are available and if we are we will make it happen)
  5. We will text you when we start the order.
  6. We ask you have your phone by you so that we can make substitutions needed with your approval.
  7. We will text when we are on the way to checkout.
  8. Another text when we are on the way to you.
  9. We will give you the store receipt after groceries are delivered.
  10. You will also have a receipt in the dumpling app with the shopping fee/platform fee and tip shown along with the receipt total.

How do I place a restaurant order?

  1. Tap on restaurant pick up.
  2. Type in the local restaurant name.
  3. Check the box if you want us to place the order. If left unchecked, then you will be placing the order, and we will pick it up.
  4. Tap the “+” sign to add items to your list. Be as specific as possible, like you are ordering from the restaurant yourself. (i.e., Extra sauce, no mayo, dressing on the side)
  5. When you are finished with ordering, go to checkout and pick a day/time. If the time frame is not available for the time you want, reach out to us, and if we are available, we will complete your order.